Jacques Hammer + Wanda Drug

Jacques Hammer   Wanda Drug

Potluck dinner performance!  Featuring:

Jacques Hammer and Wanda Drug, country-cabaret duo (Chris Lin and Kayce Bayer) on ukulele/guitar and lap-steel/glockenspiel/banjo-tar play sweet silly originals and folky-style cover songs.

Hannis Pannis, acoustic folk/crunk/thrash band that plays heartfelt jams—featuring Ryan Richey and Chris Lin on guitar, ukulele, keyboard and vocals.
(you don’t want to miss the live performance of their new hit, “Life as an artist”)

Hyde Park Neighborhood Club Ballroom
5480 South Kenwood Ave, Chicago

Sunday, October 24th, from 6-9pm

Just bring:
-Food to share.
-Your own non-disposable table setting (plates, glasses, silverware)
-Your own beverages

Presented by The Op Shop