No Small Plans

No Small Plans is a full color graphic novel that follows the neighborhood adventures of teens in Chicago's past, present and future as they wrestle with what it will take to design the city they want, need and deserve. 

Created by Gabrielle Lyon (Chicago Architecture Foundation) and Eyes of the Cat Illustration: Devin Mawdsley, Kayce Bayer, Chris Lin and Deon Reed.

No Small Plans is organized into three chapters illustrating Chicago in 1928, 2017 and 2211. In between each chapter, an "interlude" brings Daniel Burnham, Wacker's Manual and the art and science of urban planning to life. Each chapter concludes with a neighborhood map showing where the action takes place.

Our team worked well over a year to complete this novel, and we are excited to get copies in the hands of young people this summer! Below is a sneak peek of a few completed pages. More images and backstory, including each person's specific role in the project, coming soon.


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