Kayce is an artist educator, illustrator and mom in Chicago. Her practice is varied - working across varied media and collaborating with artists, writers, musicians, and community members - exploring personal narrative, histories, and art experience outside of institutional spaces. Kayce has over 15 years experience as an arts and design educator and currently spends her days with the amazing young people at The Chicago High School for the Arts. In all creative pursuits - as teacher, collaborator, maker - Kayce sees art as a place to inspire curiosity and critical literacy. While her personal work engages in play, Kayce's design practice and always evolving curriculum and pedagogy cultivate the skills and concepts to communicate complex ideas. Through No Small Plans, she honed her ability to tell a visual story that inspires shared inquiry and critical observation of the world around us, connected to real places, people and relevant issues. 

Kayce is the other half of musical project Jacques Hammer & Wanda Drug and curatorial/production experiment Good Stuff House.