Category: In the making

It’s beginning to shape up.

I’m finally beginning some new work…fragmented bits of observation mashed with internal processing and formal play inspired by my son. Until I have something to show, here is a study – O’s forms animated:

NO SMALL PLANS in human hands

It’s here! The first print of NO SMALL PLANS.   Initial Launch The team participated in a teen launch (CAF gave away a batch of books to teens directly) at the Weinberg Gallery as part of the exhibition Bold Disobedience on July 20th, and then had our official release party / book-signing for Kickstarter backers and…

Summer Shorts success!

Summer Shorts, a collaborative project that brought local artists and writers together for a screening and reading of the short form, was a success! Our first attempt at resurrecting the screen found in Heather’s garage, we had a nice turn out and were very moved by the work that was submitted. Can’t wait to see…

Truck Show Archive

One year and one month ago, we were in the midst of touring our Truck Show. I finally put together an archive of the project on our website.  Check out all the details, images, credits, research, inspiration, and ephemera: Peruse menus on the site or follow the narrative (with links) below for a behind-the-steering-wheel…

The Start of a New Animation

I’ve begun a new animation.  Using all hand-drawn illustrations, and combining some frame by frame animation techniques with camera work in AfterEffects. Thinking about “the frame”, contextual value makers or breakers, the anticipation of the spectacle, and banal consumption of entertainment.

new songs in the works

So…It’s been awhile since I’ve written a song, and I am feeling the call of my singer-songwriter roots.  These are both really rough recordings – just trying out some voice layering and structure stuff.  Everything will morph and flush out as I play them more.  I’m also not totally set on lyrics, but wanted to…

the “creative introduction”

I put together this little video to act as a creative introduction to my personality and interests. Paired with my current resume, it gives a better picture of who I am and what I’m all about. I am Kayce from kayce bayer on Vimeo.

Stuffed Study

I made this little piece out of the smaller remnants of Soft Shops I + II, and donated it to SHoP’s closing silent auction.  For other views, click here.