new songs in the works

So…It’s been awhile since I’ve written a song, and I am feeling the call of my singer-songwriter roots.  These are both really rough recordings – just trying out some voice layering and structure stuff.  Everything will morph and flush out as I play them more.  I’m also not totally set on lyrics, but wanted to get something down to review.

The Walking Man:  Using a tune I wrote for the Truck Show – “Moody Western” I was calling it – this was the background music for the introduction to Denim Dennis. This new version is based partially on Dennis’s sad wandering story, but mostly about the mystery of the Chicago Walking Man.  Words will likely change.  Wanted to try out how the three melodies could overlap (towards the end of song).  I envision this becoming very dramatic, in the spirit of Scott Walker.

 I’ve Gotta Roll:  True to singer-songwriter form, this one is personal.  Thinking about low times and that feeling you have as you’re climbing out of that.  I really want the bottom to drop out when I do the first chant, and then it can build to an anthem-y peak.  Need more instrumentation, especially some driving beats.