“Machine” gets a blurb

“…Inside the hollowed-out space, six different design companies share workshop and production space, with a short platform in the middle showcasing the recent design works of the resident companies. Besides a brief flirtation with zakrose’s attractive sideboard made, according to the materials, of “reclaimed cedar siding, powder coated steel and mdf,” we manage to keep our focus on sniffing out the art objects. Waving off the thought bubbles imaging this attractive piece of furniture in our cramped apartment spaces, we manage to locate Kayce Bayer and Chris Lin’s “Machine,” a clever reproduction of what approximates a drill press, made entirely of cardboard. It’s tucked neatly in between all of the workshop’s tabletop gear and industrial tool-and-die, audacious in its labor-intensive meticulousness and site-specific virtuosity of mimicked design integration. At first glance it looks real, and we pass back and forth in front of it two or three times before noticing….”

~Michael Workman, from his longer article about 2 art-filled weekends: http://blogs.artinfo.com/truestories/2011/09/24/yesterdays-gone-chicago%E2%80%99s-dual-weekend-fall-opener/