“homecloud” reviewed

Homecloud was reviewed in New City: http://art.newcity.com/2009/06/29/review-kayce-bayer-and-kristin-miller-hopkinsarc-gallery/

Here is an excerpt:

“Kayce Bayer and Kristin Miller Hopkins’ show at the ARC is titled “Home Page,” and the work sensitively embodies modes of habitation as it uncannily performs the kinds of interactivity and embedded layering that characterize a tricked-out website. Bayer and Hopkins are clearly engaged in conversation, and their pieces are strongly complementary. Bayer’s delicate diorama-like boxes of interior and exterior spaces are animated by a series of gears/automata that make virtual rainfalls and moving clouds, with an especially beautiful snowing machine. These pieces are presented with small drawings of homes and landscapes, and with a stop-animation video of her weather systems to create a multimedia system that’s richly embodied if borderline-precious.”

~Monica Westin for New City, Jun 29, 2009