NO SMALL PLANS in human hands

It’s here! The first print of NO SMALL PLANS.


Initial Launch

The team participated in a teen launch (CAF gave away a batch of books to teens directly) at the Weinberg Gallery as part of the exhibition Bold Disobedience on July 20th, and then had our official release party / book-signing for Kickstarter backers and other supporters on July 27th. We signed over 200 copies!


Reviews and Sneak Peeks

We got our first real review by the Chicago Reader…and it’s a good one!

“Whether Chicago will make it to the 23rd century is an unanswerable question, but No Small Plans reminds us that the city is alive and mutable when we respect our own power to transform it.”
~ Tanner Howard, The Chicago Architecture Foundation creates a graphic novel for the city’s future, Chicago Reader, July 19, 2017

Gabrielle Lyon, was on The Morning Shift and Chicago Tonight to talk about the project.


NEXT CITY shared an excerpt of Chapter 2 titled A Teenage Throwdown Against Displacement, the Graphic Novel Version.



No Small Plans