Give + Take

Give + Take was a performance staged in a window display in Memphis, TN.  Clearly about relationships, the performance oddly and playfully sought to illustrate life and balance between two people, alternating working together and operating solo, often disrupting one another in the process.

A long contraption connected and constricted 2 figures on either end of the playing space.  Each end contained a little home, full of props, a small amount of furniture, and a mailbox.  The two head-pieces were connected by 30 feet of PVC pipe connected to a pulley system, which allowed for limited parallel movement and easy communication (the heads and pipe created a vacuum sound space--so although the players were 30 feet away from each other, they could whisper and hear each other clearly).

The actors performed normal actions: watching TV, playing music/games, dancing, reading, writing, drawing--they even wrote each other letters.  If one person need to move across the room, the other would have to move, too.  If one decided to dance, the other would feel the movements.  Connected, but separate.