Strange Vitality performance and exhibition

In preparation for my graduate thesis exhibition, I planned a public performance.  The performance involved many players:  4 "heads" characters; me, as mediator; 3 camera people, to document the event; and the unsuspecting audience.  Carrying out my experiments with the sculptural head-forms, wanting to mimic the strangeness of operating in public space, questioning 'what is public space?' in a suburban environment, and hoping for unexpected interactions between "art" and public, we played this out in a popular mall in Memphis, TN.  Many interesting moments transpired...

...until (after 45 minutes) we were amicably escorted out of the building.  The security officer, reporting to his higher-up via walkie talkie, called this a Code 21:13, for which he explained to us, "We just don't know what it is, so you have to leave."

Afterward, I held interviews with the players about how they felt inside the heads, reflected on the documents and footage of what happened on the outside (audience reactions and performance narratives), and organized all of this together in an exhibition.  Setting up the heads-sculpture in one configuration used during the performance, each head was equipped with headphones which played the recorded interviews of the players reactions, so others could gain insight into what it was like to be the performer.  Projected on a nearby wall, was a video of the performance narrative spliced with audience reactions, to illustrate the outside view of the experiment.  I also showed planning notes, maps, drawings, stills, and props, for further evidence.