Motion Graphics + Digital Video

Good Stuff House Logo
A logo animation project for collaboration team Good Stuff House, made in After Effects.

Good Stuff House logo animation from kayce bayer on Vimeo.


Happy Mother's Day
An animated Mother's Day card. Shapes made in Illustrator, then animated in AfterEffects. I also performed and recorded the audio.

You Are My Sunshine from kayce bayer on Vimeo.


As a Faculty member for Westwood, I put together internal marketing slideshows for the flatscreens around school, sharing news and happenings from campus departments. I documented graduations and special events, such as this "Design Show" below, and created informational pieces like the "Faculty Profiles" video below. I edited these in Final Cut Pro and Premiere Pro.
Design Show video slideshow

Faculty Profiles slideshow excerpt

I teach Motion Graphics once a year, and make little samples to introduce topics. Here are a two simple studies:


I recently put together a personal gift of cooking videos for a friend. I edited the footage in Premiere Pro, and created custom intros/outros that matched the DVD packaging. They are rather long, but you can watch them all here:

Other animations:
As part of my art practice, I explore animation.
"Booming" is an experiment in sound and animation. I wrote and recorded the song, created the hand-drawn and painted layers, then assembled moving compositions in AfterEffects.

booming from kayce bayer on Vimeo.

This animation was used for a silhouetted puppet scene in the live-arts show "The Great Fire: A Traveling Truck Show." Hand painted and animated in AfterEffects. I also wrote, performed, and recorded the audio: "Gop Song."

Love Letters
Meant to be playful and personal, I used household objects and handmade type to create this stop-motion-like animation.

love letters from kayce bayer on Vimeo.